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This is just a place for my various Linux and Slackware stuff. You will mostly find here various odds and ends related to buildscripts for, but do be aware that the SBo versions are the official scripts. This server is a recycled HP/Compaq D530C convertible tower with Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz, 8GB DDR DRAM, and 500GB hardrive running Slackware 14.2 Linux.

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R.I.P Linux Counter Project
The Linux Counter project shut down a few days ago. It had a good run. I'm sad to see it end, and also that it never quite developed the popularity to fully serve its purpose. Commercial / proprietary software installed base is easy to count: sales. With F/OSS it is difficult to get a true count of the number of systems running Linux distributions. Raw downloads aren't a reliable count for systems actually in use.

Wikipedia: Linux Counter

Nvidia drops 32-bit support for linux drivers with 410.xx series
I've uploaded the new nvidia-{driver,kernel}-410.73 SBo build scripts. Lots of changes, new GPU support and updates to vulkan. Be sure to check on the changelogs at I also renamed the prior version nvidia-legacy390-390.87 as it is now on Nvidia's legacy branch, and the last version to support 32-bit.

Command line 'pastebin'
I keep forgetting this command so let's drop it here for future reference. On the command line, invoking

cat ~/some_file.txt | nc 9999
will print the URL of the data to stdout. See also: Netcat-based command line pastebin.

Be still my heart...

Slackware-current popped in kernel 4.19. After and Mesa updates, will that finally allow me to drop the horrors of Nvidia driver management for a full AMDGPU open source gaming platform? One can hope!

Phoronix: Trying Out AMDGPU DRM-Next Ahead Of Linux 4.20~5.0

Gridcoin-Research is now on the SBo. Gridcoin (GRC) is a cryptocurrency based on bitcoin, but instead of burning up the electrical grid, and requiring banks of GPUs and specialized ASICs, the GRC awards are based on participation in BOINC scientific computing projects. I added a banner link below. Everything a Slackware user needs to build and install should now be on Please note that GRC Wallet is in is the SBo Approved queue and is a mandatory update. If something is missing to build packages for either GRC or BOINC, please let me know.
Gridcoin: Rewarding Volunteer Distributed Computing
BOINC: Compute for Science
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
If you are in interested in exploring cryptocurrency and blockchain, this is a good place to start.

For some reason unknown to me, gkrellm ships without a desktop file. This has annoyed me for years so here is a simple one for placing into $HOME/.local/share/applications/

[Desktop Entry]
Name=GKrellM System Monitor
Comment=Monitor for CPU, memory, disks, network, mail

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